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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why he would fall for you...

What makes a guy fall in love:

1. You are interesting.
You tell funny, scary or outrageous stories. You have an imagination that runs wild. Perhaps he finds it fascinating that you have traveled through Europe, or you're an immigrant that came form humble beginnings. A guy can fall in love with a special girl with very cool experiences that make you well rounded.

Perhaps you have a quick wit, or can tell jokes better than Chris Rock.

2. You are knowledgeable/intelligent
You love learning and read regularly about news.

3. You are cute
You have a beautiful smile, smell, and softness to your face. You are a feminie angel.

4. You are sweet
You love cuddling and caring for him. You rub moisturizer on his dry hands, and make him pancakes on Saturdays. You are emotional -- you miss him when he is gone and always wish him a fantastic day.

5. You remind him of his mom
Whether it is your gestures, your attitude, the way you look or talk, a guy who loves his mom wants to find a girl that is similar.

6. You are passionate
You've studied classical music since you were 5, or started painting in high school and love pursing this on the side when you have free time.

7. You are a ton of fun
Some guys have boring and stressful lives. They need a woman that takes them away from their world and splashes color over their walls. These women are entertaining and stimulating.

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