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Friday, July 2, 2010

Your Birthday

It's your birthday, and if he loves you, he should definitely do something special. This special plan or gift does not need to be expensive, but instead it should be something that makes you feel loved and cherished.

When a man loves you, he may surprise you with a romantic or favorite restaurant, a sweet gift, or surprise you with a drive to a special location. He might make it special by taking you to a baseball game or throw you a surprise party. Perhaps he will turn your car into a party house filled with balloons, or he might simply get your car cleaned. What's critical here is that there are many ways that he can make it special and if you see he has put effort in, you know he loves you!

He does things he doesn't like to do
He especially loves you when he plans something he could pass on.
When a guy cares for you he may do something he typically won't. Let's say he NEVER cooks, but he decides to get in the kitchen and make you a delicious Birthday dinner! Now that's love!
Or, perhaps he hates roller coaster rides, but he knows how much you love them, so he drives you to the nearest amusement park!
When a guy does what YOU love (even though he may hate it) , he is thinking about your feelings and this ladies is the kind of man you want!

Many girls expect that if a guy loves them, they should receive expensive jewelry or take you on an exotic trip. If you are looking for true love --drop your expectations of what you think he should give you and let him show you in his own way how he loves you!

Remember to be appreciative and grateful for what he does give you!

Good luck to the ladies of the world!

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