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Friday, July 9, 2010

He loves you when he plans trips with you

One sign a guy wants to be with you is he wants to get away with you. It could be camping at Yosemite, heading off to Santa Cruz, or planning a trip to watch fireworks for the Fourth of July!

If a guy loves spending time with you, he cares for you and wants to be near you! He enjoys your company and seeks out special time together. 

Travel spices up your relationship!
Travel is such a wonderful way to get to know each other and spice up your relationship. You can learn the history and culture of a new location together, stand in front of nature together and bond in a new way by getting out of the monotony of every day life.

You see each other from a new perspective
He may want to travel with you so you can spend time focused on each other full time. When you travel you are around each other all day and night -- so all your little habits will emerge. Travel is an excellent way for your man to see another side of you.

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