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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is it love? How he makes you feel about yourself...

Does your man bundle you up with his arms, or sing your praises in front of his parents, or brag about you in front of his friends?

Does he tell you how beautiful, fun, and precious you are to him? Sometimes are you surprised by how much affection he gives to you? Since you have known him -- has the way you look at yourself, calmed you and made you feel more appreciative and accepting of who you are?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, your man knows how to love you well.

On the other hand, after being in a relationship, do you feel less confident, less beautiful , more insecure, hollow , and still wondering if he is right for you? This is likely a sign of an unhealthy relationship and that he doesn't really love you or perhaps the two of you are not compatible.

Do you find yourself crying regularly after seeing him, because his words hurt you like a knife?

Does he tell you that you need to change the way you act, or talk or the way you dress because it isn't acceptable -- and he isn't sweet about his comments? Does he tell you that you aren't very smart, or you are fat, or you are boring? This is a YUCKY man - you should flee!!!

Also, are your friends, parents, co-workers telling you that he doesn't appreciate you, or doesn't deserve you (given you trust their opinion and know they love you dearly?)

If you feel more negative since you've been together, well honey you might want to reconsider a future with this man!

Hugs to the world!

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