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Sunday, January 2, 2011

He loves you when he's on the path to improvement

When you begin to fall in love, you overlook his nasty habits. Smoking, heavy drinking, or the fact that he's a workaholic. At first, these habits may not be obvious and they are tolerable, he may even hide them for you. However, as you progress in the relationship, you will begin to see his weaknesses (and he will see yours) .

There may come a point where you realize that these bad habits are destructive and you cannot put up with it anymore. You give him an ultimatum. Either stop this behavior or else.

Well, of course he can't just wake up one day, snap his finger and drop his routine! But what I will say is that a man says to you that he is willing to  examine himself , trust what you are saying and seek out help or adjust his behavior, this is a sign of his love for you.

A guy that is willing to make behavioral changes for you, cares about you deeply.

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