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Sunday, January 2, 2011

He's Too Busy??!!

If your guys is *always* too busy for you, he doesn't plan special dates, plan get aways, plan for your birthday, plan to make time to meet you family or friends, it's a sign he doesn't really love you.

When you don't get time with your man, you are not a priority. A man who loves you WANTS to be by your side! He Fights to be near you and will do everything in his power to squeeze you into his schedule because he doesn't want you to disappear!

Keep in mind TIMING is huge. If he is starting school, a new job, and he's very busy -- your relationship may be placed in the back burner, even so he should make time for you.

Be up front with your man and see what happens!
If you find your man too busy, be honest with him and see what happens. See if he will adjust his behavior and make improvements.

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