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Sunday, December 26, 2010

What's Your Problem? Examine Your own Issues.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why none of your relationships have worked out?

Do you always blame the guy?
He was always busy.
He was too boring.
He was selfish.
He was cheap.
He wasn't committing.

Did you ever consider the problems you had -- you might have contributed to or caused?

Here are a few examples

He's cheap. He didn't take me out enough -- Well, were you cheap? Were you generous with him? Or did you always expect him to pay for everything? It's not just about you! If you want an equal partnership, taking him out and surprising him with gifts is a way to have a fantastic relationship. When you are generous with him, he will want to be generous too.

He was always busy -- were YOU not busy enough? Did you just come home and watch TV and  wait for him to call? Wake Up, girl! Live your life! Life is a lot more fun when you plan activities with and without a man. Have a girls night out, volunteer, take a spanish class. Get off your buns and have a life  besides him. If all you did outside of work was spend time with your man, your relationship would become stale. You need more than just work and a man~

He was too boring! Well, how exciting are you? Did you ever crack a joke, or plan a fabulous date? Did you ever suggest something spontaneous?

He wasn't loving. Well, how loving were you? Did you initiate being loving and thoughtful, or did you hold back , thinking that he would prove to let you down. So , you held up your guard and waited for him to screw up?

The conclusion:
BE the best in the relationship first, before looking around for the "perfect" man.

Much love to the ladies of the world

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