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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crazy Women that Can't Get Their Relationships To Work

Crazy Women

Crazy Women are high maintenance, demanding women who freak out when they feel they aren't getting what they deserve. They require a lot of attention, love and assurance.

They are often very insecure that the man will leave them or they might feel their man isn't good enough, and they consider leaving him for someone bettr. They are used to getting what they want and they were likely were spoiled as children.

When they don't get what they expect, they lash out with fits of verbal abuse. They may scream at the top of their lungs, cry, and say some of the cruelest words to their man.

In turn, the man of course lashes out as well, feels unloved and hurt, and he may in fact lose some love for that women each time she has an "episode".

How to not be a "crazy women" -- don't be a drama queen! Being a drama queen is a sign of immaturity, little or no self control and selfishness. Crazy women are a waste of energy. They haven't figured out that life wasn't just meant for their own happiness, but instead life is about the love you give to others.

If you feel "crazy woman" coming on, take a few minutes to relax (or hours). Then, calmly write down why you have been hurt or upset. Then ask your man if you could discuss a matter when you have digested your pain and calmed down.

Then say "Honey, I really wish next time ..."

Eventually men get sick of drama queens and dump them, preferring stability and calmness over the crazy roller coaster relationship.

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