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Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 signs you were meant to be together

1. You laugh a lot together
When you are with him, you have a great time, constantly joking around or acting silly. You could laugh for hours with him, and he always keeps you smiling.

You "get" each other - your sense of humor is similar.

2. You feel comfortable in his arms
When he holds you close, it feels right. You feel relaxed, calm, and at peace. It feels right.

3. He looks you in the eyes
When he talks to you - he looks at you in the eyes. He eyes are truthful and fair - they echo the love in his heart.

4. You want to please him
When it makes you happy to sacrifice for him, when you get joy out of surprising him. When you put own needs aside for him.

5. He wants to please you
Your favorites appear - he knows what you love, and tries to give you those things.

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