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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Your complaints crumble the relationship (nagging destroys)

Nagging doesn't get you more love. Complaining that he doesn't spend enough time with you, that he is not affectionate, or you want to know if you will have a future together -- doesn't get you where you want to be.

1. Show he love and affection for no reason.
2. Ask him in a loving manner for your requests. For example "Honey, Do you think you could" "Baby, can you help me with"
3. Remember that if you must be forceful in a relationship, it probably isn't meant to be. If you struggle a lot and feel that it causes you suffering, you should free yourself of it. This doesn't mean a relationship doesn't take work and sacrifice. It most definitely does! However, if you are constantly need to ask for love, and he doesn't give this freely, then you may be hoping to have it forever.

This last point is important. Too many women put up and try so hard, and complain when they aren't getting what they want, in hopes he would change over the years. Sorry sweetheart, but it rarely does. Instead , try to find a relationship that is natural and where you don't need to force a man to love you by begging.

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