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Monday, October 11, 2010

First, Know what Real Love is

Real Love is:

Positive  and Uplifting

Does your guy have the above attributes toward you? These are signs that he loves you.

These are NOT signs of love

Rude (Some women just think that's the way he is, and he does it to everyone. YUCK! When you demand respect, guess what - you get it!)
Selfishness (He doesn't offer to help you carry in the groceries, help you to move, or build your IKEA desk)
Guilt (He makes you feel bad about what you are not or what you did not do for him)
Abusive (this should be obvious. But just to be sure everyone understand if a guy is putting you down, he doesn't love you -- whether this is physical or mental)

Some final notes:
1. Don't devalue yourself. The more you think less of yourself , the more a man will.
2. Build yourself up. Have a life. Have other activities. He doesn't need to be the *only* thing in your life. That's just BORING and leads to low self esteem and unhealthy relationships
3. Be able to walk away. If you are not being loved, you should tell him what you need. If he doesn't try to meet your (reasonable ) requests. Don't live miserably -- keep on trucking for a new man!

Hugs to the ladies of the worrrld!

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