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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Relationships Are Like Jobs ( Sometimes)

A relationship can be compared to a job/career and here's why:

1. When you are interviewing for a job --it is thrilling and exciting. During the interview process  you wonder, will they like you? Will they call you back? You may meet several people and hiring managers that decide whether you are good enough, smart enough, or worthy of their company. You worry over whether you will land the offer and be hired.

Likewise, with a guy during your dating period, you wonder if he will continue seeing you and eventually, ask you to be his woommman!!!

2. When you apply for a job you may be "overqualified" for, you are applying for a guy that maybe you are out of his league??? But if you love the job and what you will be doing -- then that's your decision and you are the one that will live with it. (Not the people who judge you)

OR you apply for a job that you are NOT qualified for (date a man that is out of your league) and perhaps it works out beautifully.

3. After 6 months to 1 year on the job -- you "get to know it more" . Parts of it are predictable and mundane. Sometimes new situations come up, but for the most part you realize there are challenges you face.

4. After a year, you may want to continue with the company (your boyfriend) or start looking elsewhere -- you are young, so not quite ready to commit. Or, you are older, and know that this is stable and reliable, so you don't want to take your chances and jump ship with a good situation.

5. Or: perhaps you found the perfect job (perfect boyfriend) over time it gets better and better and you improve in your skills -- love your boss and co-workers and

Here's the conclusion:
Find a good job/career/man/business that you enjoy. Know that there will be good days/bad days and great moments and stressful moments. But, if you know what you have is wonderful and valuable. Don't give up on it!!! Stick with it and appreciate what you have -- grow (in the company) and in your relationship and have it flourish!

Best of luck

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