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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marry someone less attractive than you!

So, I love doing research -- especially when it comes to relationships and marriage. I found an interesting article that you should all pay attention to:

Celine Dion  is way hotter than her hubby. But guess what -- she's in love and he treats her like a queen!!

Basically here's the conclusion: The more attractive the wife is compared to the husband, the happier the marriage. Perhaps this could be that an attractive man feels he can find something better elsewhere, whereas a man that is less attractive is appreciative and more supportive of the wife.  He thinks, "I've got to treat this woman right or she'll be out of here".

Likewise, because a woman may not put as much emphasis on physical attraction, to her having a supportive, attentive husband makes her a very happy lady! Her (less attractive) husband is more positive and accepting of her, she in turn is more supportive and loving towards him.

Now this is very interesting. It basically implies if you want a happy marriage, then marry someone uglier than you!  This doesn't mean marry someone ugly. It means marry someone less attractive than you. In 5 years, what's going to matter isn't how well he photographs, and whether just his look sends chills down your spine. On the contrary what will matter is : Does he treat you well (and do you have the maturity level to appreciate it)

So, if you are in your 20s you might think, this is crazy -- I need to be with someone that is very good looking. But by the time you've had your heart broken a few times and you reach your late/early 30s  you may begin to realize that having a positive healthy relationship is far more valuable than some tasty eye candy.

I hope you all consider this while dating and realize that if you really are in it for the long haul, then you should understand the implications of putting huge emphasis on  good looks.

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