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Saturday, February 25, 2012

5 simple ways to make him love you even more

1. Give him space
Don't be one of those naggy girlfriends who needs to see and hear from him everyday. Get your own damn life!  If you've got your own stuff going on, you are going to be so much more sexy! Please you will have more to talk about and it will keep your spark alive.

2. Make his life more interesting
A man can appreciate a woman he can learn from. Before you meet with him, read something interesting: a news article, or a fact about one his favorite sports. If he loves cars, learn some facts about the most expensive car in the world OR the fastest car in the world

3. Compliment Him (but don't overdo it)
There is nothing more sexy than a woman who says to a man, "You make me a better person" OR "Wow, you look sexy today" or "You give good advice".This boost his self esteem and he will want to be around you more!
Oh ya and make sure it is genuine. Don't come across as fake: that's a major turn off.

4. Pull out your credit card
Pay for the bill, ladies!
Think about it, what kind of idiot guy would want to pay for all your crap all the time? A guy can really fall for a girl that is willing to pull her part in the relationship and that includes financially. Make it clear that  you like when he takes you out, but also surprise him with a special place he's never been.

5. Be a lady
When you respect yourself, he will respect you. Say "Please" and "Thank you". Let others go before you. Dress elegantly when you see him. Buy quality clothes that last. Have an opinion but don't get angry if he doesn't agree. Hug him when you see him. Smile. Don't be lazy.  Take care of yourself. Get facials. When you look beautiful for him, it shows you care for him as well. When you show him you love him, he will love you even more.

Lots of Love to the Ladies of the World!

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