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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Deciphering his Love Language

If you want his love to blossom, you have to be sure you love him in the right manner.

Some men want to be loved by kisses and affection
Some men want to be loved by praise and words
Some men want to be loved by presents
Some men want to be loved by action 
Some men want to be loved just by spending time with you
There is a book called  5 Love Languages that discuss the various ways individual want to be loved. 
If you love each other the correct way, your relationship thrives.

If he asks you questions like, "Why don't you ever ...." (kiss me enough, talk to me when we are with friends, compliment me, etc) you are narrowing down his love language. If you want to have a great relationship, take a few notes, and be extra careful to express your love in that particular way.

Find out exactly what type of affection he prefers. Does he like public displays?(Some men may be irritated by this, while other could thrive. ) Does he want to cuddle or spoon? Does he like his face touched? Try a variety of affections, and figure out which want makes him say "ahhhhh" and there you go!

Some men want to be told how wonderful they are, or how smart they are, or how handsome they are, how strong they are, slim they are, fashionable, etc. Whereas some men hate to be praised! They think words are empty and meaningless. Listen to his reaction when you praise him: does he seem to laugh it off, or smile ever so greatly! This is how you determine his love language.

Surprise him and pay for dinner and a movie, or buy him a little teddy bear, a new gadget or a car wash.

This type of love is expressed by: cleaning his room, cooking him dinner, taking his dog for a walk, or washing his car by hand. It is your sign that you love him!

This love language could simply be sitting on the couch and chatting, or going for a walk. IT could simply mean accompanying him to the grocery store -- just so you can be near

A good way to check his love language is see how he expresses love to you -- then do the same!

Find out his love language to improve your relationship!

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