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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5 Signs he is not in love (BIG RED FLAGS!!!)

Here is a reader question: What are some signs he is not love:
Here are 5 BIG signs he is not in love:

1.He's not contacting you.
You do all the calling and planning to get together. If you were to stop calling, emailing, texting, facebooking, you may never hear from him again.

2. He's not excited when he sees you -- (perhaps irritable when he sees you)
When you plan to meet, he doesn't embrace you or kiss you. He doesn't look you in the eyes with love or passion or kindness.

3. He doesn't respect you.
Love and respect go hand in hand. If he is putting you down, making fun of  you, or you leave him feeling bad about yourself, then he probably doesn't respect you (and therefore doesn't love you)

4. He's not planning a future with you
This could mean little plans: Like: what are you doing on Friday or Saturday (Here you hardly know each other, so these plans are probably very small.

Medium plans: Should we take a trip or vacation together. Or, will you fly with me to a lovely wedding or to meet my parents? Here you have been dating for a few months

Or bigger plans: Where do you want to live when you marry or How many kids to you want to have.(Here you are dating for more than a year or two)

5. He is self centered
When a guy loves you -- he sacrifices for you. He wants you to be happy. This means he give you the last chicken wing or last slice of cheescake on the plate. This means he helps you fix things in your apartment when you ask him.
Self centered guys are all about THEM they talk about themselves all the time, are not considerate of your time, things, or feelings.
Do NOT date a self centered man! This leads to bad things/relationships!

Good luck beautiful ladies of the world!

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