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Saturday, January 14, 2012

He loves you when he's tender towards you

A man who really has a heart for you, is a gentleman.

Perhaps he slowly brushes your hair out of your face and looks you directly in the eyes; maybe when you are about to slip, reaches out to pull you up and save you from your fall.

He may even open doors, hold your hand to walk across the street, compliment your look, or give you a tender hug before saying good-bye at the airport. 

It could be a very small gesture, but it displays what is going on in his heart!

On the other hand, if he is rough with you, easily angered, frustrated by little things like you being a few minutes late, or not buying the right kind of his favorite drinks - if he can be rough and unforgiving or he makes you carry the groceries and doesn't offer to help these are little signs his love for you isn't so great.


I hope you all find a man who loves you deeply!

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