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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Signs you are meant to be together

5 few signs you were meant to be together.

1. Your sense of humor is similar. You get each other's jokes!

2. Similar Backgrounds (Educational, or Geographic). Although this isn't always the case, having a similar upbringing means you can relate to each other. You grew up in the same area, attended the same university, or you have mutual friends.

3. The relationship developed naturally. When relationships take little effort, they are often meant to be! You shouldn't have to wonder if he's the one, (because that means he isn't). You shouldn't be crying regularly over the relationship. You shouldn't have to force yourself out of guilt to stay with someone.

4. You value the same things. Is education extremely important to you? Or hanging out with friends? What about spending time with your parents? Maybe he likes to buy the finest clothes, and you are a cheap!  If you both have similar core desires, this is a very good sign you are meant to be together.

5. Chemistry. You meet someone and it feels likes you've known them forever. You have a lot to talk about, and you find him very interesting.  You feel drawn to each other, pulled together by an unexplainable force.

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