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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Not so Incredibly Changing Man

Hi Ladies,

Listen up. This is important.

Let's say you've been dating a man for awhile, and over time you notice he isn't the same man you used to know. His sweet, gentle and kind  ways have become more critical, more unloving and more harsh. He used to be excited about you, and now, he's thoughtless. Additionally, he wants you to change as well.

Although change is inevitable, if he is changing for the worst, he may not have the maturity yet to be ready for a long term commitment or perhaps he doesn't love you after all - you are not the person he once that you to be.

When you are falling in love - things get better  over time, not worse. Will you have difficulties? Yes. Will he change? Only naturally. But, if he is not the same man you used to know, and you find yourself gradually growing apart -- Watch Out! He is not yet solid in his person, and he still has some growing (and growing up) to do.

Perhaps taking a little break and letting him figure things out will be good for you and the relationship.

Good luck, ladies.

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